It takes the cake!

Hi honey,

Miss me? haha. It has been awhile, but I have got some good stuff for you! But before we get to it, can ask what does that saying even mean? Where does “it takes the cake” come from? I seriously don’t know. Anywho…

First up is a super inspirational party/wedding/fashion photo-shoot and design by Sugar & Fluff. Stumbled across them via blogs and I love them. And guess what? On their about us page, it says they all come from random backgrounds, and look what they are doing! There is hope yet.


Next is a really funny and easy craft project that I want to try out asap: tiny polaroid magnets!

Last is what the title alluded to, CAKE! So I have been rather unexcited by the interiors coming my way lately but have found a lot of exciting party inspiration, and within that, mainly creative cakes! Here are some I have collected.

Love the ombre! And you know I am not a pink person, but it makes this cake glow.

This is lovely. I would want birch bark in my bouquet, so via cake is another good option :)

Very simple, sweet yet architectural.


Love you!

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  1. My favorite is the birch! But the buttons are a close second. <3

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